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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Commitment. My Stand! God's Way, Not Man's!

Its been a while now since I last blogged. But, thanks be to the Lord for a few godly encouragements from my awesome life group members and the launching of the J4 blog, which prompted me to publish this post of which the topic I hold a firm stand. It is none other than, the controversial, exciting and hair raising topic of: Relationships and Dating.

Now, I personally know that I am not ready for a serious relationship at all. Yes, being 18 and being around a culture that promotes and encourages dating as a norm, it can be very tempting to just go along with the flow and be accepted by fellow peers. But hey, who ever said making a stand was easy? Especially a stand for God? Jesus was crucified, Peter was crucified upside down, the apostle Paul was beheaded, and a whole list of godly men were stoned, flogged and persecuted just because they made a stand. Furthermore, Matt 5:13 calls us to be salt and light, to be set apart, and Romans 12:2 tells us not to be conformed to the patterns of this world.

But first, let me show you what the world has done to the image of love, relationships and dating. It has done nothing but present a perverted version of what was once an amazing gift from God. Gone were they days of commitment, gone were the days of virtue and out the window goes godliness. Now, what we have is the self-centered, short-termed and immoral practice of "Recreational Dating", which is dating where both individuals have no interest of commitment or marriage and it is just solely to satisfy fleshly pleasures. Boys now think they can be a man and play the games of REAL MEN while not assuming responsibility of it! All they want now is the kiss kiss touch touch urge to merge nonsense......

Here are the few reasons why I choose to stay clear from relationship for now:
  1. I am not physically, mentally, financially and most importantly spiritually capable of leading another. I believe intimacy comes at the cost of commitment and if I am not ready to commit myself to that relationship, then I have no right to be even thinking of another. Come on, I'm only 18, there is so much more I have to learn from the Lord and grow in maturity in Him.
  2. I do not want to allow myself to easily fall into sexual sin and desires of the flesh for youthful lust is so dangerous. We could so easily commit adultery at any point! When I say adultery, I'm referring to the Matt 5:28 definition which states whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Let us compare two verses, Eph 6:11 which says we may take our stand against the devil and 1Cor 6;18 which says flee from sexual immorality. See that how much more dangerous sexual immorality and lust is? Even when the devil comes, we stand and he flees. But when it comes to sexual immorality, we are told to flee! Let us do our best to achieve:
  3. Marriage is sacred! It is so sacred that God uses marriage to symbolize the uniting of His son and His church. The bible calls the church the bride of Christ (Rev 21:2). If God has described it to be such a sacred occasion, let us not rush into a relationship, but seek God always for preparation.
  4. Eph 5:25 says: Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. How far did Christ go for His church? All the way to the point of death. This means if I were to get into a relationship, and if I want to be Christlike in it, I must be able to lay down my life for my spouse, to stand at the door to protect her from whatever that comes!
  5. Matthew 6:33 encourages us that if we seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, all these things shall be added unto us. I'm sure when God said "ALL THESE THINGS", I'm sure that includes a perfect spouse made just for each and every one of us individually. After all, if marriage is so sacred, a spouse would probably be one of God's top priorities in a list of things to give us. So let us stop worrying and seeking and thinking we know best and try to play God, but rather, trust and obey!
  6. Why bother spending so much time, effort, and money, calling and texting someone to share your problems with, hoping they can help just because they are you boy/girl friend, where we have an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient prayer-answering God whos promises will endure! Why not turn to Him and lean on Him, and He will make straight your path? (Prov 3:5)
  7. What right do I have to waste my parent's hard earned money on another person's daughter? What right do I have to take another man's daughter/son? I mean, I would be pretty pissed off if someone just came into my house without permission and took all my Gundam. I'm not saying I sexually made those Gundams, but still, they are something I treasure.
I know some of you are probably thinking 'Wow, Paul has officially gone crazy'. But we are talking about the standards of the Most High, the King of Kings, the Almighty, Sinless and Blameless, Pure Light and we can just go on and on. Therefore, this is not just what I am saying, this is what God commands us to keep. Your problem now will not be with men, but with God and His Word.

Finally, I CANNOT find in the Bible teachings that endorse the kind of recreational dating that the world practices today. It teaches us to date and dump based on compatibility and when something goes wrong, change the person you are "with". Imagine if God did that to us. We would have been "dumped" the first time we sin! Let us all pursue godliness in relationships together and be:

and women

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feed Your Raging Hormones!

Recently, BBC just had our semi-formal (why don't they just call it year 11 prom?), which is an event for you to invite a female partner, (seeing that everyone that attends Brisbane BOY'S College is a boy..) for a night of fun.

In other words, this is, for some deprived boys, their golden opportunity to feed their raging hormones, without having to lock themselves in a room late at night after their parents are asleep.

It was on the MiCat, a three storied boat. The boat was pretty awesome. The first floor they had a Dj and a dance floor, where, everyone was just dancing like crazy even if they had no idea what they were doing. 2nd floor was a photography floor and the thrid, an open area with seats.

My partner and I

The view

Tom, me and Alex

The bald fella in the middle is the sarge

The food on that night was horrible. Failed so badly. It was catering. They served four different dishes, one scoop each. They gave us like this "pop corn chicken" sized small box. Then there was 1 scoop of rice which was undercooked, 1 scoop of pathetic guai lou curry chicken (tasted sweet and sour. A mere insult to curry chicken), a scoop of dried up soy sause beef and a scoop of vegetable. With chopsticks. Lol. The amount of people who dint know how to use them provided me with some laughter.

After that we went to Alan's place for a post party. It was really nice. A few of us and our dates around a fire place.

The post ended around 3 but Corne and Chewy stayed on cause they were doing a 40 hour famine thing. Went over to sleep over and Dom's place with Andrew and Tom. His place was fun. pool table and all. Played fifa and all that too.

Overall a fun experience and good night. Now I only wonder if what would have happenned if I chosen the other choise, the Hotpot BBQ outreach event with my beloved cell group?.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Are you addicted to DOTA?

The obvious main symptoms:

1.You develop a close and disturbing relationship with your gaming accessories. You perform weird rituals like kissing your mouse, praying to your modem, and talking to your keyboard before you start playing.

2.Your friends say you smell like Dota and you agree. Seconds later you realize that there is no such smell.

3.Your desktop background is Dota, your blog, Friendster and Facebook layout is Dota. You play Dota with the Dota theme song blasting out of your speakers, with ur Dota mouse and keyboard, drinking your Dota soda while eating your Dota snack.

4.You have dreams of cutting down a big tree or smashing a big chunk of ice or nightmares about five people ambushing you at a river.

5.You start using Dota character quotes during your everyday conversations. You chant the Dota kill streak order in your sleep and you use it every time u get a question correct during class.

The other minor signs:
  • You think a vampire is coming after you every time the clouds darken the sun.
  • You walk around the streets dressed as any hero in the game.
  • You stick a skull at the end of a wood and yell, hoping you will grow taller.
  • You are afraid to go to a shop surrounded by trees by yourself.
  • You think you can wind walk into the opposite sex's washroom and not be noticed.
  • You start roaring thinking people would get shoved aside, clearing a way for you.
  • You fill up your bathtub and stand next to it, hoping you will heal.
  • You tie an umbrella to a long steel chain and toss it at someone, hoping they will be pulled back.
  • You think carrying a gem will let u see invisible things.
  • You think your pet spider is going to turn invisible when it builds its web.
  • You feel that killing people is alright because they will respawn later.
  • You think carrying a blue axe will make u split into three.
  • You start shouting "FIRST BLOOD" when you see blood.
  • You buy a Captain America mask and try to activate frenzy.
  • Whenever you see twins, you will think they are illusions.
  • You poison people to make them slow.
  • You go charging around with a knife yelling "Blink Strike!"
  • You think kids playing with lanterns during the lantern festival are going to pop up in your face and knock you backwards
  • You look for a tribe of monkeys and ask them who is their king so u can steal its bar.
  • When you meet a girl named Radiance, you think she is going to burn you.
  • You think swimmers doing the butterfly have increased attack speed, agility and evasion.
  • You toss hammers at people during a sprint race hoping they will stop for 2 seconds.
  • You think lightning comes out of your hammer.
  • During a thunderstorm, you think the whole world will all get zapped at the same time.
  • You wear a ring, hoping you will heal.
  • You take a big log and keep smashing the ground, hoping to shake he earth.
  • You start eating trees hoping you will heal
  • You think sticking a big eye on a stick and placing it in your parents' room would let you spy on them
  • You think all shoes in the mall cost 500.
  • You accidentally call your girlfriend Lina.
  • You start calling your fat friends Leviathan, Pit Lord and Pudge.
  • You try to drive your car at 522 km/h
  • You glue wings to your shoes and try to teleport home.
  • You slap three random people on the street and yell triple kill!
  • You think a purplish-blue stone will make you work faster by 55%
  • You think your cats and dogs can carry item for you.
  • You stick the letter "S" on one of your kitchen knife and a the letter "Y" on another.
  • You think there is a girl named Rylai in your fridge.
  • Three four five six Sven eight nine......
  • You think someone engulfed in flames is slowly dying and can't cast a spell.
  • You wake up from a nightmare yelling "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"
  • You think fountains will hurl giant fireballs at you.
  • When someone around you vanishes, you quickly reach for your gem.
  • When you think a lion is going to shoot a long red beam.
  • You start looking around for a Siren when you see a group of people sleeping.
  • When you eat lunch, you say "fresh meat!"
  • You run from your grandmother's walking stick because you think she is going to dagon you.
  • Upon breaking big rocks, you think that there are going to be cheese inside.
  • You think of people walking in fours as creeps
  • You think your girlfriend has Linken's Sphere after you have fingered her.
  • You think of BURIZA-DO KYANNON when you walk past a korean restaurant.
  • When you see a smoked coming from a building, you think of someone backstabbing you.
  • You think scorpions will go underground all of a sudden.
  • You go to the hospital to have a heart transplant, and you describe your new heart as, "purple, glowing and it made me live longer. It also improved my metabolism."
  • When you see frogs and sheep, you observe if they become heroes 3.5 seconds later.
  • You hold a handful of pebbles and throw them in the air and shout out "Scattershot!"
  • You throw a bottle of beer at the bouncers, hoping that the 75% miss and 14 % movement slow will allow you to slip past their grasp
  • You throw in a bag of snakes and say "mass serpent wards"
  • You avoid touching anybody who's sleeping lest their nightmares jump to you.
  • When you sea some strange green water you say "I'm on to you Morphling!"
  • You studied math for the sake of calculating stats, percent reductions, damage, AoE, etc...
Lastly, you know your addicted to Dota when you do a post like this on your blog.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Semester Break! 3 weeks I wont rade for anything!

Memorable things that happened during my 3 weeks holiday back home:
  1. Michael Jackson died. He probably earned more money within the 3 weeks after he died than the last 10 years of his life.
  2. Christiano Ronaldo got sold. (Stupid arrogant traitor.)
  3. Malaysian Education decided to switch back to teaching Maths and Science in BM. (Political?)
  4. Bro volunteered in a vet.
  5. Spent 7 hours with Clan mates in a Tbunz Cyber Cafe playing DotA.
  6. Played Monopoly with Ex 5 Omega classmates
  7. Ate Nandos 3 times.
  8. Visited CFSMKSU. All the momories!
  9. Visited MYF TMCPJ. Felt so at home!
  10. Watched 2 T-formers2 and Ice Age 3 with ex-classmates.
  11. Ate at Murni. GOOOOOOD!
  12. Caught up with old friends.
  13. Spent time with family and dog.
  14. Cooked dinner for friends.
  15. Bought GUNDAMS!
I'll just write on the ones that I took pictures from:

DOTA at Tbunz:
If you are looking for a way to waste the whole day away, look no further. Grab a cousin, and two friends whom you are absolutely sure you can trust in Dota, and find a cyber cafe. Sit there for the next 7 hours.

That was what I did on one of the days back in M'sia. My cousin Daniel, Eng Seng, Chin Nam and I wanted to play DotA so badly (well, the second part only me la) that we decided to be those crazy Korean/Chinese Gamers for 7 hours. From 2p.m. to 9p.m.
But befiore that, we ate. Pan Mee.

Cousin Daniel
Eng Seng
Chin Nam
My disappointing food.
Eng Seng: Diu ni Nam Ks 我
Nam: How I know? I was just spinning.
Daniel: Yeeeees ah Nam Yeees ah?

Nam just got a DOUBLE KILL!
Seng just got a Triple Kill!
The Sentinel is OWNING!

Nam: Eh back back!. All red life adi.
Daniel: They all die already la.
Nam: Oh.

Paul has just accuired the Aegis of the Immortal

Paul: Here I come!..... DiAO! u all kill all adi!

Nam: 我想要 Heart. 我想要 Heart
Seng: 我要做蝴蝶! 我要做蝴蝶!

How to ambush in DotA:
  1. Hide and put on excited ambush face(Nam). Notice how Eng Seng hides both his hero and himself under the table.
Then pop out when signal is given. The opponents will be scared and poop in their pants because they were not expecting a player to be hidden.

My ex-secondary school mates and I decided 2 have dinner at Murni and it was good. Then instead of the usual Texas Hold'em Poker, we decided to play monopoly for a change.

Zee Hoe, P-ter, Geemee, Garee, Tee Wern and G Soon.
Siap la!

It was all good fun and laughter. I haven't played monopoly for years. Forgot like..everything. Everything was going well...until,

The cursed dagger came along. All who touches this dagger will go crazy. Except me, cuz I touched it enough. Yeeeeeess..My Precioussssssssssss.
Ji Soon was first.
Then he stabbed Twern with it.

Then Peter took it.
He became crazy too. Started making faces.
Then Zhi Hoe took it. Picture says it all. Jimmy and Gary soon followed.

Pork Bone Tea at Old Town.

Not the best Bah Kut Teh but the people I ate with made it special.

All in all, an excellent holiday. =) Enjoyed myself. Cant wait for the year end holiday. Really Thank God for amazing people in my life.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Water Baptism - Many People Ask If It's Required for Salvation.....
I believe baptism isn't an act that gets us into heaven but it is faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord that offers that assurance. Baptism (by full immersion as taught in the Bible) is an act of obedience that should be an immediate part of our acceptance of the gift of grace offered by Jesus Christ.

True faith in Jesus Christ and His work on the cross for our sins is sufficient for salvation. Christ has already done everything. By definition, His grace doesn't require any additional "works" by us. That being said, Jesus Christ commands us to be baptized (Matthew 28:18-20), and therefore, all believers should be baptized.

According to the Bible, the symbolism of baptism declares that three things happen to believers who are baptized:
  1. They die with Christ to their old self
  2. They rise with Christ to become a new creature; and
  3. They are incorporated in their new life with a living community which looks for the coming of the Lord (Romans 6:1-11).
"Then Jesus came to them and said, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age'" (Matthew 28:18-20).

On the 6 June 2009, 9:15 a.m. I had my baptism! My mum told me I got baptized when was little but knew close to nothing about it and the significance of it was lost to me. So I decided to get water again now it means so much more to me. I praised toe Lord for the opportunity. Furthermore, there was no 3 month membership/baptism and confirmation class. It was just a 6 week church membership class and a night class with my shepherd.

My beloved life-group was so sweet to turn up and witness it! I would not trade this for anything....
My loving mum and bro was there too. To make it more fun, its winter! And its 9a.m.! The water was FREEZING COLD! I could not even speak properly. LoL

Started off with Kelvin sharing from Acts 8:26-40 Then a prayer
Testing out the water.
It was frezzing cold

Waiting for Josh. More freezing to do.

Kelvin and Jason praying for me
The shivering prayer.
The submersion. Backwards.
My bro, me and mum
J4 Guys+my bro
Thank U all for coming. Really means a lot to me.